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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Portraits in arts- a virtual museum by 1 LELE (Year 12)

Creating a virtual museum about portraits in arts after studying portraits and characterization in literature.
photo front page-Mrs Bienvenu english class-arts.tmp.jpg
The task with the evaluation grid (many things to change for next time though!).

And the result: a virtual museum. I've used a template found on then net (creator's name on the document as required). Every group of pupils had to choose an artist, and follow my assignment. Most of them remained quite superficial though, and tended to forget some elements, such as the vocabulary guide, as the tour was supposed to be for younger children. Some of them did the audio guide, but they didn't manage to send it to me. Well, next time, we'll do better, but I like the concept of the virtual museum. It rocks!

So, here it it: Portraits in arts by 1 LELE Loth

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