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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Kahoots about the Victorian Age

Year 9 have studied the Victorian Age in ESL. Then they've done some further researches about various topics to create these Kahoots.

*The Great Exhibition of 1851 

Let's take our quizzes!

Don't forget, to take the quiz go to this page! Then write the game-pin (given by your teacher, who will go to the links given below, then launch the quiz), and choose a nickname!

Ready? Steady? Let's go!

Here is the 401 Kahoot about the Victorian Era.
Then the one made by 402 about the Victorian Time.
Kahoot about the Victorian Age by 4B.
Queen Victoria by Elisa from 4B.
The British Empire by Luana, Keridwen, Kenoc'ha, Hugo LS and Maël from 4B.
The Victorian Age by 4C.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

If you want to create your own kahoot, just create a free account here!

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