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Friday, 10 April 2015

Hip-Hop by Eflamm

I practice hip-hop, it's a dance created in the united states of america in the 70s. There are many figures like tracks, the dome, the wave and many other figures. It's my passion.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Revise your vocabulary to introduce yourself

Mrs Eveno and I are going to work with year 7, to create little voki to introduce themselves to our American partners. But first, we're going to prepare this by learning, or revising some useful vocabulary.

So, listen, play and practise! Let's go!


I've just added articles with embedded quizlets, to revise irregular verbs or vocabulary. For the vocabulary, I've asked volunteers to complete the list as new words were learnt during the lesson. They were of course rewarded!

Learn your vocabulary: Piece of cake 4ème-I looooooove it!

As usual, some pupils helped me create this set! Thanks a lot!

Vocabulary: Piece of Cake Year 9-I looooooove it!

Irregular verbs (based on Piece of Cake 4ème list)

Irregular verbs!

Learn basic vocabulary (CM1)

Quizlet made to help my son revise his vocabulary. -Asking someone's name. Saying someone's name. -How are you? How is he/she? I'm fine....He's angry... -Geography: The British Isles, UK, Great Britain...+ sea and ocean -Classroom objects -colours -What's this? -Who's this?   

Learn your vocab with quizlet-Piece of Cake 4ème-Big Apple

Vocabulary-Piece of Cake: Big Apple