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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

News from our eTwinning project: "In the world of Tales"

News from eTwinning front: the script is being written, and 7 scenes are already availaible!

Here is the link to read them:

The world of tales-an eTwinning project

Then, half the group has already voted for the Polish logos, and the other half will vote as soon as possible. Here is the link:

Polish logo voting form.

And you can also watch the different Polish logos here: animation of Polish logos

If you want to vote for the French logos, here it is:

And please remember the voting rules:



1) click on THREE logos

2) DO NOT vote for your own logo

3) Write your full name before sending

I will check the answers. In case anybody votes for his/her own logo, this answer WILL NOT be taken into account.

French pupils have watched the video of Polish expressions, and they have prepared their own. They have also written to their Polish partners on the twinspace.

Now, we have to write the next scenes, with some very funny, though sometimes weird, ideas!

Until next time, take care!

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