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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Film review:The Maze Runner

Have you watched "The maze runner"?

The French name of this movie is "Le labyrinthe"
It's cool!
Thomas wakes up in a maze full of monsters.
When Thomas regains consciousness, he is trapped with a group of other boys in a giant maze whose plan is changed every night. He has no memory of the outside world, apart from strange dreams about a mysterious organization called WCKD By connecting some fragments of his past, with clues he finds in the labyrinth, Thomas hopes to find a way to escape.

By Raphaël

Ki Hong Lee was born in South Korea, in Seoul in 1986. He is 17 years old.He is an American actor. He is also recognized as youtuber, in fact he appeared in several episodes of YouTubers React Fine Brothers. He plays in the film "the Maze" where he plays the role of Minho. 

An article by Maëlle.

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