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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

English Club 2014-2015

Hello members of the fabulous English club!

I'm very happy to welcome you all on board. This year, we're going to learn so many things together.

First, we'll work on an eTwinning project: "The world of Tales". We'll work with a Polish school: we are going to write the script of a play where 10 famous characters, taken from animated movies or tales, will be the leading roles. This is going to be a collaborative writing, together with our Polish partners. Then of course, each school will create their own dialogues and imagine their own play, following the script. Both plays will be filmed and shared.
In the meantime, we'll also get to know our Polish friends, discovering their traditions and cultures.

You can visit the site (some parts are still "under construction"):

Then, throughout the year, we will imagine all kind of activities to speak English and discover ICT tools. Pupils will learn how to use a blog, but also all kinds of tools such as prezi, basic powerpoints, edmodo, voki, moovly, etc.

Our ideas so far:
 -Creating a lipdub.
-creating a joke page, where we will act and film jokes.
-talking about our school and community, acting as reporters.
-creating fan pages to tell you about our favourite artists.
-elaborating podcasts, videos and quiz to help schoolmates learn English
-We'll also learn songs, tongue twisters, play games and create English versions of existing games.

Our first meeting will be held at school on Tuesday, October 1st. Of course, I'm sure we'll have more ideas together, according to your hobbies and personalities. I can't wait to meet my new dream team on Tuesday!

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