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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

talk about possession

Nice activities to learn or revise!

Video and interactive activities-Family +genitive case
 "There are 7 pages and 7 coins to win in this game, fill-in the gaps or pick the right answer in the pop-up boxes."
Activity created by Renée Maufroid.
Niveau : 6ème / 5ème
"Il y a 7 pages avec une animation, une chanson, une video, un enregistrement audio, le vocabulaire de la famille et le génitif."

Revise your family tree!

Fill in all the blanks (

genitive case

"Fill in the gaps with a form of the verb to be and the possessive form of a noun,
so that the sentences on the right mean the same as the ones on the left."

Family relationship words. (20 questions) - utilisation du cas possessif (a4esl) 

Subject pronouns and Possessive adjectives - interactive (

Possessive adjectives - interactive (

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