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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

4°: révisions Expression Orale en Continu> se présenter et présenter quelqu'un

REVISIONS pour le test n°1 : Expression Orale en continu:
Se présenter, parler de ses hobbies

Dire bonjour

Hello ! Hi !

Dire son nom

My name is Jane.
I’m Mike !
Donner son âge

I’m thirteen / fourteen.
Donner ma nationalité
I’m French
Dire d’où je viens
I’m from Champagne.
I come from the East of France.
Dire où je vis
I live in La Rivière de Corps
Parler de sa famille, ses amis
I have got 2 brothers, Jeff and John and one sister, Sylvia.

 I am an only-child. I have no brother or sister.

My best friend is Lili, she’s really funny.

My best friends are Kate and Penny. They are very friendly.

Décrire sa personnalité
My friends say I’m good-tempered, outgoing and sociable. I’m sometimes lazy. I don’t like tidying up my room and I can’t stand homework!

Dire ce que j’aime/ mes hobbies préférés
I’m fond of dancing, I am into video games. I’m interested in “Glee” and I enjoy spending time with my friends.

Dire ce que je n’aime pas/ les activités que je n’aime pas
But I can’t stand football and I can’t bear cooking.

Dire au revoir
That’s all about me! Goodbye!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

4°1-DEBATE-Boys are better at sport than girls

Follow this link to see our debate!

Click here to view the fullscreen wallwisher!

And guys, remember, before you mess with girls, beware !