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Sunday, 8 April 2012

The wandering Leprechaun: my diary


I'm Finnegan the Leprechaun from Dublin! Here I'll write my diary so that you can share my trips and experiences with my new friends from Sainte-Savine! Check it regularly as I might add new things as soon as I can! For the moment, I must say I'm having a jolly good time here! Thanks to Mrs Bienvenu and to her luvly pupils for welcoming me! Thanks to Mary to have sent me there!

The wandering Leprechaun

Since last December, we have a new guest at school with the class of 5°1: Finnegan, King of the Leprechauns! Finnegan was eager to discover our country. He first visited his cousins, the Korrigans, ad now he's wandering among us, and he's been warmly welcomed by our lovely pupils.
There you can see pictures taken on the day of his arrival.

Depuis le mois de décembre, la classe de 5° 1 de Paul Langevin accueille un bien curieux personnage: Finnegan le roi des Leprechauns! Finnegan était avide de connaître notre pays. Il a d'abord visité un peu ses cousins les Korrigans, et maintenant il erre par chez nous, très bien accueilli par les adorables élèves de 5°1.

Voici les images de son arrivée.