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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Carol

Video with lyrics and music, sung by a teacher and kids. Nice to learn it first. We wish you a Merry Christmas: Karoke version (music only!)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

talk about possession

Nice activities to learn or revise!

Video and interactive activities-Family +genitive case
 "There are 7 pages and 7 coins to win in this game, fill-in the gaps or pick the right answer in the pop-up boxes."
Activity created by Renée Maufroid.
Niveau : 6ème / 5ème
"Il y a 7 pages avec une animation, une chanson, une video, un enregistrement audio, le vocabulaire de la famille et le génitif."

Revise your family tree!

Fill in all the blanks (

genitive case

"Fill in the gaps with a form of the verb to be and the possessive form of a noun,
so that the sentences on the right mean the same as the ones on the left."

Family relationship words. (20 questions) - utilisation du cas possessif (a4esl) 

Subject pronouns and Possessive adjectives - interactive (

Possessive adjectives - interactive (

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guns and Roses-November Rain

Video without lyrics (sans les paroles: pour faire les exercices)


 Video with lyrics (avec paroles: seulement une fois tous les exercices faits!)

Karaoke style!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Comparatives and superlatives

Interactive book about comparatives (from p 10!)

A lesson on video with extracts from songs and animated stories. Exercises at the end!

A video course:

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

4°: révisions Expression Orale en Continu> se présenter et présenter quelqu'un

REVISIONS pour le test n°1 : Expression Orale en continu:
Se présenter, parler de ses hobbies

Dire bonjour

Hello ! Hi !

Dire son nom

My name is Jane.
I’m Mike !
Donner son âge

I’m thirteen / fourteen.
Donner ma nationalité
I’m French
Dire d’où je viens
I’m from Champagne.
I come from the East of France.
Dire où je vis
I live in La Rivière de Corps
Parler de sa famille, ses amis
I have got 2 brothers, Jeff and John and one sister, Sylvia.

 I am an only-child. I have no brother or sister.

My best friend is Lili, she’s really funny.

My best friends are Kate and Penny. They are very friendly.

Décrire sa personnalité
My friends say I’m good-tempered, outgoing and sociable. I’m sometimes lazy. I don’t like tidying up my room and I can’t stand homework!

Dire ce que j’aime/ mes hobbies préférés
I’m fond of dancing, I am into video games. I’m interested in “Glee” and I enjoy spending time with my friends.

Dire ce que je n’aime pas/ les activités que je n’aime pas
But I can’t stand football and I can’t bear cooking.

Dire au revoir
That’s all about me! Goodbye!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

4°1-DEBATE-Boys are better at sport than girls

Follow this link to see our debate!

Click here to view the fullscreen wallwisher!

And guys, remember, before you mess with girls, beware !

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Likes+dislikes / Hobbies/ compare characters

Here's a prezi to learn/revise: Likes+dislikes / Hobbies/ compare characters

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Vocabulaire-fichier audio 4°-Know more about me

The audio files: your lessons recorded! Ideal to revise and learn. Nouveauté cette année: je vais essayer de mettre pour chaque leçon, chaque liste de vocabulaire, le fichier audio correspondant afin que vous puissiez les écouter, mémoriser et vous entraîner. Chercher à gauche dans les "labels" ou "libellés": "Vocabulary-audio file." Voici le premier pour les élèves de 4°: vocabulaire de la fiche "Know more about me", avec les 4 phrases pour comparer les goûts des uns et des autres.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BE in the past + places

A powerpoint presentation to learn aboutBE in the past, as well as questions with WHERE, and places. Présentation powerpoint pour apprendre/réviser le prétérit de BE, ainsi que des questions avec WHERE et quelques lieux.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Etwinning meeting in Reims-May 24th-NICE VOKIS

We had a very nice time in Reims during the etwinning seminar. Some teachers recorded nice vokis, and I really thank them for their great work! I would also like to say thank you to Sylvain Perque for the great job he did (once again) that allowed us to meet and bond in such great conditions. See you! Euriell

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The wandering Leprechaun: my diary


I'm Finnegan the Leprechaun from Dublin! Here I'll write my diary so that you can share my trips and experiences with my new friends from Sainte-Savine! Check it regularly as I might add new things as soon as I can! For the moment, I must say I'm having a jolly good time here! Thanks to Mrs Bienvenu and to her luvly pupils for welcoming me! Thanks to Mary to have sent me there!

The wandering Leprechaun

Since last December, we have a new guest at school with the class of 5°1: Finnegan, King of the Leprechauns! Finnegan was eager to discover our country. He first visited his cousins, the Korrigans, ad now he's wandering among us, and he's been warmly welcomed by our lovely pupils.
There you can see pictures taken on the day of his arrival.

Depuis le mois de décembre, la classe de 5° 1 de Paul Langevin accueille un bien curieux personnage: Finnegan le roi des Leprechauns! Finnegan était avide de connaître notre pays. Il a d'abord visité un peu ses cousins les Korrigans, et maintenant il erre par chez nous, très bien accueilli par les adorables élèves de 5°1.

Voici les images de son arrivée.


Monday, 13 February 2012